The Six Comforts

by Christopher Gustave

Limited edition book, 9.25"x9.25" Hardcover
350 pages.

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About The Six Comforts

Begun in 1999, "The Six Comforts" is a compendium of anti-advertisements intended to obliterate the hegemonic voice of commercial culture and reinstate a personal voice, one that is confrontational instead of placebic.

350 pages, 304 full color plates.

About the Artist

Christopher Gustave (1965-2014) was born and grew up in the suburban deserts around Phoenix, Arizona. Lured by the promise of an expansive alternative culture he briefly attended Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles (1983-84) before moving on to a series of artistic ventures including front man in a post-punk rock band, co-founder of a dadaist art-gallery, and printer/publisher at “Twentythree Press”, all while continuing to develop his fine art practices in a variety of media.

Gustave exhibited books, prints, and his assemblages frequently in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Budapest Hungary from 1984–1998 before relocating to St Louis where he continued to show his work, as well as curate dynamic local art exhibitions over the following decade until returning home to Arizona, where he died suddenly in January of 2014.

The publishing house "*Proof Publishing" is a posthumous collaborative venture between Gustave and friends.